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Immediate boarding for a culinary world tour! Passengers are asked to put on their aprons. Whether you’re in for an alloco straight from Africa, a purely Japanese miso soup, or carbonara pasta (the real thing), or any other recipes from around the world, you should know that you’ve come to the right place.

A list of the most famous dishes from around the world

  • The Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  • The Mediterranean Paella
  • The Italian Frito Mist
  • The Chinese Yangzhou Fried Rice
  • The Japanese Tuna Maki
  • The English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
  • The Russian Borscht
  • The Egyptian Ful Medames

Famous dishes by region

Learn every famous recipe from your favourite region

Famous European dishes

What are the most famous European dishes in Germany, France or Norway? Risotto, croque-monsieur, salmon, escalope viennoise… All these European dishes are delicious, but are they popular? Discover the result of this survey with our articles.

Asian dishes

Asia never ceases to delight your taste buds as a gourmet and tirelessly curious. From the classic Chinese recipe of Cantonese rice to Japanese makis, Vietnamese bo bun, a Thai salad and Korean ban chan, you will love Asian culinary flavours.

African flavours

Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Somalia or Senegal? Immediate boarding for a festival of African delicacies that will make you want even more! Ancestral flavours and unexpected mixtures, all the colours of the African sun invade the plates with the magic of a simple recipe.

A culinary journey

Let yourself be amazed by exotic flavours

You like to travel but the opportunities are too rare with the small hazards of everyday life and the constraints of work or family? A good idea is to bring the world to your home! How can you do that? Quite simply by testing recipes from elsewhere with sometimes unknown flavours. Discover spices, exotic fruits and surprising foods you’ve never heard of before.

You might be surprised by this real feeling of disorientation, and by a culinary journey that begins right from the preparation stage when the unusual and pleasant smells gradually fill your home. Why not give yourself a challenge: take a trip around the world with a few recipes!

Exotic recipes are the way to go!

Travel the world through cuisine

Every region's most famous dishes

Travel while eating

Travelling with cuisine is possible! Africa, Asia, America, Europe, every continent is full of products and specialities. We embark on a journey of flavours with colourful recipe ideas that have travelled around the world, that awaken all 5 senses and that can be savoured and identified with your eyes closed!

Distant lands' cooking ingredients

Spices and other ingredients from more distant lands are more and more easily available, so there is no excuse not to start making typical dishes from the countries of the world. From the feijoada of Brazil to the Vietnamese Bò bún through the Alloco, typical of African cuisine and in particular of the Ivory Coast, the border of greediness will be largely exceeded, to the delight of all of us!