World cuisine

Discover India through its gastronomy

India is very diverse. It is the second-largest country to China and has diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and food. The food and cuisines from the Northern side could taste different to a person from the Southern region. You notice the…

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Restaurants online

Find the best gourmet restaurants online

The Covid-19 lockdown is weighing many people down with limited opportunities to go out and wine and dine at your favourite outlets—no need to worry. Many eateries have embraced the new restrictions and found innovative ways to continue providing their…

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Pizzeria près de chez vous

Astuces pour trouver un restaurant ou une pizzeria à proximité

Pour faire le bon choix lors de votre recherche de restaurant et de pizzeria, il vous faut privilégier plusieurs points. Votre décision dépendra de quelques critères. Vous devez aussi tenir compte du type de repas souhaité. Pour une sortie entre…

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Paris cooking classes

Paris cooking classes: online guide

To become one of the best chefs, you must be able to prepare dishes that people love. Whether you are new to it or have spent your entire life cooking, there is always a thing or two to learn.

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What are the traditional dishes in Japan?

The Japanese cuisine called washoku or Nihon ryōri in Japanese is based on rice, noodles, fish, seaweed and vegetables. Traditional Japanese cuisine is often seasoned with local condiments. A meal is often accompanied by small soups and macerated vegetables (tsukemono)….

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What are the festive dishes in Peru?

Peru has a unique and very diverse gastronomy. Its culinary specialty is based on different bases of traditional dishes. It is a great success worldwide, as in 2013, this country was voted the best culinary destination in the world. Peruvian…

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What vegetables in the Lebanese cuisine?

Nowadays, gastronomy is a reflection of a nation’s cultural heritage. The economic and social situation is clearly shown by the value of this culinary art. Each country has its own culinary speciality. Among others, Lebanon has a culinary mix thanks…

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What do we eat in Peru?

The way of eating is an art for Peruvians. Whether it is the timing of meals, the components of the food or the way of eating each type of dish, Peru is very original. Daily food in Peru The mandatory…

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What are the specialities of Japanese cuisine?

Japan, this paradisiacal island that makes many dream of it, is known worldwide for its manga and its technological progress. But did you know that Japan’s traditional cuisine, called Washoku, is so unique and fascinating that it was listed as…

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What are the specificities of Moroccan cuisine?

If you go to Morocco for your holidays or as a tourist, Moroccan gastronomy will be part of the discoveries you will make. This gastronomy is quite different from French or European cuisine. It is distinguished by a mixture of…

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