Food fusion

What are the most emblematic fusion food dishes?

The concept of “food fusion” appeared in the 1990s. It consists of mixing dishes from many cultures to obtain a new flavour. The combination thus makes it possible to create specialities that are both atypical and original. Today, food fusion…

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What are the dishes of Japan-Peru fusion food?

The fusion of gastronomy from different countries can create a wonderful surprise for the taste buds. Moreover, it makes you travel through two different worlds. Japan-Peru food fusion, better known as Nikkei Gastronomy, is one of the current trends in…

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The history of food fusion

Fusion cuisine or food fusion has been on the rise in recent years. Indeed, it does not only appeal to catering professionals, but also to private individuals. Currently, it is a reference as a mixed cuisine, because it mixes two…

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Why does the food fusion trend appeal so much?

Food Fusion is a culinary trend that is very popular in many countries around the world. It is about offering unique dishes. Indeed, food cooking emphasizes the mixture of tastes and flavors. Your dish can include a multitude of specialities….

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What’s the concept of food fusion?

Food fusion has become more and more successful in recent years. Its particularity to surprise and “shock” the taste buds with new and surprising flavours has conquered many followers. The phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread. It is even…

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