Peru has a unique and very diverse gastronomy. Its culinary specialty is based on different bases of traditional dishes. It is a great success worldwide, as in 2013, this country was voted the best culinary destination in the world. Peruvian cuisine is inspired by the products of the earth. The dishes are often based on potatoes and corn. Many dishes are concocted during the holidays in Peru. In this article, three typical Peruvian main dishes are discussed.

The Guinea Pig

This dish is one of the festive dishes in Peru. It is the traditional dish in this country during Peruvian festive events such as weddings, the festival of the sun king. The guinea pig is an important recipe in the popular culture of Peru. The basic recipe for this dish is guinea pig. This animal can be baked or fried. It is served with either rice or roasted potatoes. This recipe is very appetizing, but it is not recommended for a person with a weak stomach. This recipe is a bit spicy, as the dish is prepared with powdered panca pepper. This one is tasty and very simple to concoct.

The ceviche

This main course is one of the specialties of Peruvian cuisine. It is recommended for seafood lovers. For this reason, this recipe is based on seafood. It is often accompanied by corn, sweet potato and onion. The preparation is a bit special because the fish is cooked with lemon juice mixed with the marinade. It is the acidity of the lemon juice that brings a unique taste to this dish. The marinade is concocted with garlic, red onion, fresh coriander, salt and the famous aji pepper. For a satisfying result, it is important to choose freshly caught fish.

Gallina's Aji

This recipe is very popular in Peru during national holidays and festivals. It is an emblematic dish of the Peruvian specialty. In general, it is based on poultry which is prepared with chilli sauce. This sauce is concocted by the aji mirasol pepper. The recipe is accompanied by white rice, a hard-boiled egg and decorated with black olives. It is ideal for a convivial meal with the family. A good white wine is perfect to accompany this succulent meal.