The concept of "food fusion" appeared in the 1990s. It consists of mixing dishes from many cultures to obtain a new flavour. The combination thus makes it possible to create specialities that are both atypical and original. Today, food fusion continues to interest catering professionals, as several of them have started to adopt this practice. In this respect, they offer emblematic dishes, of which the following are a few examples.

A sushi burger, the marriage of East and West

The principle is based on the association of a Japanese sushi with an American hamburger. Here, the slices of bread are replaced by layers of rice. As for the filling, it is composed of shrimps, meat and avocado. The most difficult part is to taste this unusual dish. To make it easier, it is best to use your fingers directly. It is an emblematic fusion food dish. It is very popular because of its many advantages. For example, it is "healthy" because it is healthy, light, tasty and suitable for everyone.

The scallop wok, the meeting of French and Chinese cuisine

The wok, a culinary instrument from the Middle Kingdom, is used here. This type of pan makes it possible to quickly skip the ingredients to be used for the dish. This is the case with vegetables, especially mushrooms and scallops, which will keep a tasty texture. But to obtain a singular dish mixing Chinese and French flavors, do not hesitate to add a little soy. As an accompaniment, it is quite possible to enjoy it with rice. In any case, this recipe is one of the most appreciated dishes in food fusion, as it is simple to make. You can therefore prepare it at home.

Octopus with lobster and avocado, a mix of Arab and Asian flavours

Food fusion is rich in flavor. Offering a variety of dishes, it is not likely to disappoint gourmets and gourmands. As proof, the latter can discover the Asian flavour associated with ingredients from the Near East, such as octopus cooked with hummus and avocado cream. The dish is then accompanied by a mango and citrus vinaigrette. The whole gives a slightly acid and fruity taste. This is an exceptional culinary experience to be recommended for everyone.