The fusion of gastronomy from different countries can create a wonderful surprise for the taste buds. Moreover, it makes you travel through two different worlds. Japan-Peru food fusion, better known as Nikkei Gastronomy, is one of the current trends in fine cuisine. Discover in this article the dishes of Japan-Peru food fusion.

What is Japan-Peru food fusion?

It is the mixture of Japanese culture with Peruvian culture. It was born in the 14th century with the strong migration of the Japanese to Peru. Japan-Peru food fusion consists in mixing two different specialties to form a succulent and refined dish. It is prepared with products from the locality of Peru and with the Japanese technique. The most important ingredients of the Japan-Peru food fusion are chili peppers or Aji, soy sauces and dashi. The latter is the most important in Nikkei cuisine. Dashi is a broth of Japanese origin used for cooking meat, fish and rice. Also, raw fish makes the best dishes in nikkei cuisine.

Japan-Peru food fusion dishes

The Japan-Peru food fusion dish is characterized by numerous dishes. The dish called "l'arroz con pollo nikkei" is made of chicken and rice cooked in beer. At the end it is cooked with the famous dashi to give it the oriental taste. Nikkei cuisine often combines this dish with white radish or daikon. Simmered daikon is also a well-known dish in Japan-Peru food fusion. You can also taste the famous miso soup with hearts of palm and chili which is basically a Peruvian specialty. All the dishes in Nikkei cuisine specialize in adding sauce at the last minute and cooking with dashi.

What about sushi?

Nikkei's gourmet restaurants in France are renowned for their many offerings of sushi, the traditional dish for which Japan is world famous. Thanks to the fusion with Peruvian cuisine, sushi dishes have been created in the Japan-Peru food fusion. Sushi recipes in the Japan-Peru food fusion style are a huge success all over the world. Sushi in Paris la Bo├ętie for example is a specialized restaurant for nikkei cuisine in France. Many dishes of Japan-Peru food fusion are proposed there every day and sushi can either be tasted on the spot or taken away. Most of the restaurants in Japan-Peru food fusion also offer the possibility to order online.