If you go to Morocco for your holidays or as a tourist, Moroccan gastronomy will be part of the discoveries you will make. This gastronomy is quite different from French or European cuisine. It is distinguished by a mixture of flavors reflecting the culture of the country. But what makes Moroccan cuisine unique?

Moroccan cuisine: the reflection of a mixture of culture

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of specialties and reflects different traditions. The recipes vary from one city to another, but some dishes are known to all Moroccans. Each city has its own specialities, depending on the weather conditions or geographical location. Those who live in Tetouan and Tangier, for example, are influenced by Mediterranean and Andalusian culinary specialities. As for the inhabitants of Essouira, Marrakech and Safi, they are inspired by African cuisine. In Fez, you will taste a cuisine that combines Andalusian, Jewish, Arab and Berber specialities. Faced with this mix of culture that has given birth to a particularly rich and original cuisine, you can only enjoy an unforgettable culinary journey.

Many succulent dishes to discover

When we talk about the specificities of Moroccan cuisine, we immediately think of mixed dishes. Some Moroccan dishes have been borrowed from other countries such as mechoui, pastilla or couscous. There are also recipes specific to Morocco, such as the harira, the tangia, the tagoula or the tajine mrouzia. During your stay in the country, you will discover that Morocco stands out for its spicy dishes. Specialists in Moroccan gastronomy use a lot of spices without detracting from the taste. On the contrary, the taste is better spiced and the dishes are better. Paprika, coriander, cloves and saffron are among the spices that are inseparable from Moroccan cuisine.

How to eat in Morocco?

During your stay in Morocco, you will discover another way to sit at the table. The meal is served in a patio and the room is animated to the rhythm of Andalusian music. The tables are huge and everyone sits around to eat while chatting. Before you sit down to the table, you must wash your hands in a jug and then rinse them in rose water sprinkled with a silver bottle. Once everyone is ready, the starters are served and consist mainly of spicy vegetable purées, pickles, spicy sauce or fried fish. Then come the main courses and finish with fruit platters or almond pastries.