The Japanese cuisine called washoku or Nihon ryōri in Japanese is based on rice, noodles, fish, seaweed and vegetables. Traditional Japanese cuisine is often seasoned with local condiments. A meal is often accompanied by small soups and macerated vegetables (tsukemono). To better understand Japanese gastronomy, discover through this article the traditional dishes in Japan.

Sushi, donburi and karé raisin

Sushi is considered the Japanese dish par excellence. This exotic cuisine is one of the most famous meals in the world. It consists of a ball of vinegared rice accompanied by a slice of raw fish. Donburi is a Japanese food that is easy to concoct. This large bowl of rice contains various fillings. Depending on the nature of the filling, there are several categories of donburi: tendon, katsudon, oyakodon, gyudon, kaÎsendon and unagidon. The karé raisu or karé rice is a revisited recipe of Indian curry. This mildly spicy sauce contains onion, potatoes, carrots and may contain meat. It can be served with rice, in katsukaré, in karépan (breads topped with karé). If you are from Grenoble and wish to taste sushi in Grenoble, click here to order your Japanese dishes.

Discover ramen and tempura

The ramen is a bowl of noodles served with soy sauce mixed with several types of food. This very popular meal in Japan can also be served with miso soup. The best known foods are green onions, pork chunks, eggs and seaweed. Tempura is a dish made from vegetables and seafood. This light meal can also be accompanied by poultry and fish seasoned with ginger culinary preparation mixed with soy sauce. To be swallowed in one bite, the snack must be small enough. As for frying, it should not contain too much oil. The dish can be served with tentsuyu containing mirin, dashi and soy sauce.

Unagi, yakitori and Gyūdon

The Japanese eat a lot of fish, especially eel or unagi. The preparation of this meal consists of putting rice and grilled eel in a round wooden box. The whole is covered with tare, a sweet preparation. The yakitoris are part of the dishes of the convivial evenings. They are small skewers of grilled chicken. This savoury recipe is coated with a sweet soy sauce. gyūdon is rice with strips of meat and onions on top. Notice to the people of Grenoble who love good food, enjoy Japanese dishes easily thanks to the delivery of sushi in Grenoble.