Meat is one of the most interesting dishes in Africa. It would be a pity not to taste it, as the taste of meat, especially chicken, is totally different when it comes to typical African dishes. So here are some ideas if you want to cook chicken.

An easy recipe

Chicken is a meat that is on the list of African favourites. As a result, thousands of chicken recipes can easily be found among the catalogue of African specialities. For example, you can cook African-style chicken by following an easy recipe. Just peel onions for the sauce and cut tomatoes into small pieces. Bring water to a boil in a pot next to it. Afterwards, you can directly heat oil in a pan, mix the onions and tomatoes, stock and spices, chicken and then pour the water. The mixture has to boil for 30 minutes and your chicken à l'Africaine is ready.

Varieties of African Chicken Cooking

In the Senegalese region, yassa chicken is one of the most popular chicken recipes. In Senegal, cooking chicken the African way is part of the customs. The basis is to brown the chicken in a pan of oil and then mix it with dried chilli pepper. This dish is eaten with steamed rice and onion sauce. In the Maghreb region, it is no longer chilli pepper, but spice. During the preparation of the chicken, an equal amount of paprika, cumin and dried onion is needed. Apart from the chicken, the mixture will contain chickpeas, coriander, thyme and parsley. Season with salt and pepper and the dish can be served.

Advantages of tasting an African specialty chicken dish

For Africans, everything is based on spice, chilli and seasoning. Cooking African-style chicken is an easy task once you know the basics. The trick to originalize your dish is to use good chilli pepper instead of spices with a spicy taste. This way you will have an original African specialty. The African specialty also depends on the accompaniments that will be served with the chicken preparation. Few people eat African specialties without accompaniment. At least the chicken is served with potatoes or rice.