Fajitas are dishes that will delight the taste buds of lovers of culinary discovery. Easy to make, this cuisine is a combination of recipes from Mexico and Texas. Here is a recipe to prepare in just two steps.

Making tortillas, fajita pancakes and tortillas for fajitas

Instead of buying ready-made pancakes from the store, you can easily make homemade tortillas. This is a Mexican wafer recipe, which is traditionally made with corn flour. However, some variations offer tortillas with wheat or rice flour. To make the dough, the flour can be poured on the work surface and salt can be added. A well must then be dug to gradually add lukewarm water and knead by hand. When a ball is obtained, place it in the bowl and cover it with a damp cloth. To make this dough, it takes 15 minutes to set it down. Finally, flatten the tortilla with a rolling pin and bake each side for one minute.

Prepare the filling for the tortillas

To make a successful fajita recipe, you can fill the tortillas with beef fillings. This is in fact the original preparation. Now tortillas can be filled with chicken, pork, turkey or shrimp. Condiments are also added. Preparation is easy. The meat is cut into small cubes and then cooked in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil. Once finished, add lemon juice and heat over low heat. Then, fill each tortilla with this chicken recipe and put it in the microwave for about 20 minutes.

Vary and garnish the fajitas as you wish

In addition to meats, raw vegetables can be added to make fajitas a convivial and delicious meal. You can, for example, add salad, tomatoes, avocado, onions, zucchini... To prepare this vegetable stuffing, simply dice the vegetables and cook them gently in a frying pan while seasoning them. Whichever vegetables you choose, add onions to enhance the taste and mix before cooking. After that, this recipe is added to the meat preparation before placing it on the tortillas. Finally, it is baked in the microwave.